Review of “The Future of Humanity” by Michio Kaku

I like Michio Kaku’s books. I wait for his new book, buy it, and read it to collect new information about the universe, science, and our future. In his new book “The Future of Humanity”, I was expecting more positive things for our survival, instead I faced known scary ideas such as the earth will not sustain us forever due to the death of the sun, or even before it will be inhabitable due to nuclear war, asteroid strikes, global warming, or the next ice age. In this book, Mr. Kaku warned us that either we must leave the earth or we must extinct. This idea is a kind of mathematical formula where there is no hope with miracles that make us survive. If we look at the history of human beings, millions of miracles such as suitable mutations in our genes, favorable environmental changes, and the invention of technologies and medicines made us fit in this world. But the good thing is we will not lose anything if we find a backup planet to colonize human being. He suggested some places where we can find our backup home in Mars, moons of the giant gas planets Jupiter and Saturn. But Mars has no oxygen and its temperature is colder than earth’s South Pole. Mars frozen water source may not be easy to mine but without biosphere like glass house or suitable pressure control jacket, we will dry our lungs and cannot think of keeping us moist on Mars for a while. In terms of weather condition, moons of Jupiter and Saturn could be more risky for our life than Mars. He also suggested some places far from our solar system to travel using rocketry or using the power of warm hole. These all are speculative and thoughtful. An idea of having fun in space travel, he suggested to upload our consciousness or mind into the laser beam that will travel at the speed of light and send you fun while you are on the ground. I enjoyed the whole book.

In my book “The Homo atromitos saw the rise of the New Sun” by Z. Mondle on Amazon, a science fiction, I wrote very details how to survive on Mars. Mars is not a suitable place for human beings not only because it can dry our lungs and make it non-functional, but the concentrations of perchlorate that can enter into crops, if we learn how to grow them on Mars soil, and be consumed by human beings. I discussed the idea of turning those adverse conditions into a survival benefit for us. This story is told billion years later from now when the sun may run out its fuel and die. Here is the Prologue of my book:


Homo atromitos are a species of fearless human beings with the ability to enhance their children’s physical traits and inherent talents. They adopted technologies to become resistant to diseases and strengthened their bones and muscles to set a new standard of human capacity. They were able to make useful and basic materials abundant for all human beings. All these good qualities in life eventually removed the boundary of cultural barriers. They engineered perineal crops with necessary animal proteins and desirable flavors, developed lab microorganisms to produce food for consumption, and gave the farmlands back to nature. The earth turned into a green landscape with its vibrant ecology since then. This is the story told a billion years later from now, their land was still powered by the splendid sun. A fearless family of a pregnant mother, her clairvoyant daughter, and space station working father were living on top of a mountain to escape the lavish city and traffic light to enjoy the beauty of nature and the night sky. One night, however, an earthquake rampaged the house, and the sun did not rise the next morning. The sun had disappeared, leaving these fearless people and the deep green earth under a deep dark earthquake. The family is striving to survive for the last moments in the intense conditions. The family worries about a problem that is beyond their capacity to solve – however they do everything in their power to do things for today and plan for tomorrow.